Art unites, whereas tyranny separates.

“People are confusing belief with truth; they’re confusing unsubstantiated opinions with truth. And the goal is general distrust, which has been encouraged and, indeed, to some extent, manufactured by a lot of pretty outrageous lies. That is a dictator’s playbook. Left or Right, it doesn’t matter. And if you don’t want a representative democracy what is it, what do you want? People need some education about what democracy is and what tyranny is. If Protestors or Politicians are going to engage in rhetoric without leadership, we better figure out how we’re going to engage.” ~ Margaret Atwood


When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

“The Bad Guys Are Winning. If the 20th century was the story of slow, uneven progress toward the victory of liberal democracy over other ideologies-communism, fascism, virulent nationalism-the 21st is, so far, a story of the reverse.” ~ Anne Applebaum


What will it take to awaken the sleeping giant?

Just Jayne’s social and political commentary spotlights the absurdity of politics. She reveals the irrationality of politics and shows us the world as it truly is—hypocrisy and idiocracy in today’s political climate.